Why Should I choose DutchPharma?

Qaulity Trusted Labotories for 10+ years in Europe, ​taking advantage from the market knowledge and the experience of a lab that has been renowned and praized for its impeccable quality and purity.
One to one Service,​ with, at any moment customer support and personalized communication.
Competitive pricing : ​We have the best available pricing on the market considering our quality and commercial service.
Guaranteed Deliveries : ​get out of the hustle and risks related to custom seizures, or law breaking orders from overseas. Usual source ships from red-flagged countries, confronting you to legal problems and law enforcement pursuits. We choose to cut those risks for you and offer you a fast, guaranteed reliable delivery.

How can I order?

Orders may only be processed through our shop DutchPharma site checkout. If someone is trying to persuade you to place an order via Skype, E-mail, or any other means of communication, they are attempting to scam you. Be alert!

Do you accept orders per e-mail?

No, we do not accept orders per e-mail. Only via site checkout. We will process your order with our email, but all of the demand and orders should be initially placed using this site checkout,

Is it safe to order through the site? I am afraid someone could steal my personal data!

Do not worry about it. Our site is located at our own secure server in Russia. A chance of breaking our site is just negligible. Also after you placed your order and it was proceeded you can delete it from the site in your personal account, thus, your personal info will not be available from the outside.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we do not accept orders for less than $150

Which e-mail shall I leave in delivery details?

You will have to specify us an email address. We will send you all delivery details, and fallow up with you on this email address. We ask our clientele to use secured email providers such as ProtonMail.com or Tuanota.com for increased security and encrypted exchanges.

What payment method do you currently accept?

You will have 3 choices of payment options : Western Union Money gram Bitcoins
Orders placed with bitcoins will have 10% discount
Payment details will be exchanged by email only after confirmation of your order and review of your profile. We will ban any email or client profile that places orders through our website without paying or attempting to get payment informations.

How should I confirm my payment?

A payment tutorial and explanation will be provided to you by email, you will have to answer your email and send us the complete informations before your order could be confirmed and process through our system.

Do you accept Paypal?

No, we do not accept paypal payments, any questions or emails regarding paypal will be disregard and place on a ban list.

How should I use Bitcoins?

Please see our bitcoin tutorial:

Will I receive a Tracking Number?

No, we do not communicate tracking numbers. You will receive an estimated delivery time, but we keep tracking informations in our system, and can track at anytime your package if you have errors or delays. We usually start looking at the status of your tracking one week after estimated delivery, please don’t email us every day for shipping status, we will respond to shipping questions if the package is not arrived one week after estimated delivery. The dates we will give out to you are ‘estimated’ , the package can be delivered before or after this date

What is the usual Shipping time?

2-3 days once your order has been shipped out. We take 1 to 5 days to fulfill your order, depending on the demand and the processing orders we have with our services.

What are the shipment options?

$15 Flat Rate : your order will be delivered in 2-3 days after fulfillement
$ 40 Express : your order will be delivered 24H00 after fulfillment
$ 20 bulk : we charge $20 shipping for bulk orders, due to weight restrictions.
Orders over 20 items are considered ‘Bulk’

Do you Guarantee delivery?

Yes, if the package is not delivered 1 week after your estimated delivery date, and our tracking system is not showing ‘delivered’ we will deliver you a second package at no cost.

Is a signature required at delivery?


Do you ship to PO BOX